Adult Program

EAC-ACLD's Adult Program is a national model of adult SLD training programs. Our exceptional staff, extensive resources and well-focused curriculum are key to having one of the highest rates of client success of any program in this field. While most vocational rehabilitation programs report drop out rates of 50% or higher, ours has been less than 20% over the last few years. This is due to our more than 30 years of experience and our focus on the individual client's specific needs.

The goal of the AC-ACLD Adult Program is to improve each client's skills in order that the individual may attain one or more of the following objectives:

*Gain and retain employment
*Progress along the career ladder
*Obtain a high school equivalency diploma
*Complete a vocational training program
*Complete a post secondary degree
*Attain other objective(s) specified in the individual's goal plan

The AC-ACLD Adult Program is designed to assist each client in achieving his or her employment and/or educational goals. Program staff helps each client to identify his or her particular cognitive strengths and weaknesses and vocational objectives. Specific learning strategies, accommodations and skills are then taught through a variety of techniques, methods, materials and technology.

We are also pursuing increased coordination with other agencies (i.e., Veterans Administration, MH/MR Centers, Department of Welfare, Goodwill Industries, Life's Work, etc.) that may be serving the same clients. Special assistance to clients who are involved in a variety of post-secondary settings (community college, 4-year college programs at Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsbugrh, Duquesne University or other local institutions, or technical/professional training programs) is also provided.

Our current technological resources include a computer learning lab along with curriculum software. One of our critical applications is Computer Curriculum Corporation (CCC) software. Developed by the Chairperson of Stanford University's Math Department, CCC allows a client to learn reading, writing and math programs at his or her own pace with up to the minute progress evaluations. AC-ACLD also uses the Kurzweil Omni program. Kurzweil is an innovative software and hardware program that uses optical scanning, speech software, etc. to help the user to read and write. The utilization of this assistive technology has helped our clients make tremendous progress.

The program operates on a fee-for-service basis. Most clients are funded by government vocational agencies. We also accept third-party private payments. AC-ACLD's Adult Program currently has free services available to certain residents on Pittsburgh's South Side. For more information about South Side opportunities click here. Other fee schedules, and additional information are available upon request. Please contact Lori Zonarich at 412.881.2253 or e-mail Barbara Monroe at