Learning Centers

AC-ACLD knows that many children need extra attention and different teaching methods to succeed. In 1968, AC-ACLD began its first specialized tutoring center. AC-ACLD's programs are designed to provide small group, individualized educational services to children with mild specific learning disabilities and students who need additional help with reading and math.
AC-ACLD employs a highly competent staff who are attuned to the needs of students with specific learning disabilities. All teachers are certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Our Learning Centers are licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Board of Private Academic Schools.

Program Goals and Objectives
The goal of AC-ACLD's Learning Centers Program is to provide academic instruction and remediation, at reasonable costs, for students with mild learning disabilities and those who could benefit from additional academic instruction. AC-ACLD operates centers in two geographically accessible locations within the Greater Pittsburgh area. These specialized programs are designed to:

  • Develop a meaningful educational program for each student
    based upon his/her strengths and needs.
  • Provide instruction within a small group setting to promote
    socialization and shared learning.
  • Teach basic skills using a variety of methods and techniques
    which are in tune with the student's processing abilities.
  • Provide a personalized, supportive, structured and enjoyable
    learning environment.

AC-ACLD's basic Learning Center program is not designed to accommodate students whose educational needs are of a severe nature. AC-ACLD may, however, be able to develop and deliver such a specialized program (i.e., Extended School Year). Please contact us for further discussion.

Program Schedule
The Learning Centers operate on Saturday mornings during the public school year and all weekday mornings during the month of July.

Reporting Progress
The staff will maintain communication with parents/guardians. An orientation meeting is conducted at the beginning of the summer term and a conference and a written report on the student's progress are provided at the end of the summer term. In the interim, staff and parents/guardians can contact each other by phone or in person. Requests for information or updates on student progress are always welcome.

The program operates on a fee-for-service basis and is designed to be reasonably priced. Fee schedules, program locations, and additional information are available upon request. For more information please contact Diann Gargarella at 412.881.2253 or e-mail dgargarella@acldonline.org.

Scholarship Assistance
A limited amount of partial scholarship assistance may be available. Contact AC-ACLD's Business Services Office at 412-881-2253 extension 8911 foradditional information.