Diagnosis and Consultation

Established in 1970, the Diagnostic Clinic conducts a wide range of academic, prevocational, and literacy evaluations. This service is available to children, adolescents, and adults. Testing can be requested for a variety of reasons - determining current academic levels in planning for high school or college, understanding strengths and weaknesses to assist in IEP development, etc. Detailed recommendations are key elements of an AC-ACLD evaluation.

These services are provided for workshops and in-service programs for classroom teachers, professors, instructors, other professionals, colleges, private and parochial schools, community groups, etc. The following can also be delivered: on-site assistance with special education program design; helping parents to tailor individual special education programs to meet the specific educational needs of their children; assistance to school districts in order to provide appropriate services for a particular student or group of students, etc.
Information, Advocacy, & Referral Assistance are available to individuals and groups who are seeking information on SLD, legal rights, and ser

Special services fees vary depending on the complexity of the situation. Please contact us at info@acldonline.org or call 412.881.2253 for information about costs for your particular needs.